About me


San Diego-based writer that covers entertainment, lifestyle, wellness, and beauty.

Ever curious about the world around her, Connie graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Biology and minor in Psychology in the hopes of one day curing her terrible skin. However, as with most lessons in life, things did not go according to plan.

Rather than finding herself in a lab, Connie discovered her voice in writing, design, and the world of digital media. She made her way to Los Angeles, where she worked full-time as the Social Media Coordinator of Women.com. During this time, Connie quickly learned that she could combine her love of writing with her innate interest for knowledge and data, and she became the SEO Editor and Content Strategist for the online publication.

In late 2018, Connie gave up life as an in-house employee for the freelance lifestyle. She is currently a Television Writer for Bustle Digital Group’s Romper, where she covers anything from hit dramas to reality television. She’s always looking for new projects and ways to connect to an audience. And yes, she is still on the quest for perfect skin.


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